Coats Moon Thread – 1000 yards


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Coats Moon is a lubricated 100% staple spun polyester sewing thread with dependable sewing performance.  Thanks to its universal use, Coats Moon is the ideal sewing thread for all kind of sewing applications.  Coats Moon is available in a wide range of colours.

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White, Black, Natural, M004, M107, M0090, M0030, M001, M0027, M0085, M0224, M00114, M0067, M0038, M0104, M0032, M0230, M0111, M0044, M0052, M0003, M0008, M0073, M0204, M0077, M0025, M0092, M0217, M0055, M0097, M0015, M0024, M0220, M0075, M0213, M0099, M0081, M0093, M0209, M0206, M0203, M007