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The Rise and Rise of Crochet!

Crochet was really big in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but then took a bit of a back seat. However we can now say that it is well and truly back in fashion and it seems that everyone is having a go, or wanting to learn.

So what is so great about crochet? Well with a little bit of help, almost anyone can learn the basic stitches in about an hour. Once the basic stitches are mastered and you can follow a simple pattern, it is just a case of practicing and building up your skill level.

It is a relaxing and creative craft, which can be both mindful and addictive. In a time when everyone is striving for a unique look or product, crochet offers a way to be both designer and artist.

The most popular classes at Sweet Seams this summer have been the crochet classes. Taught by Vicky Ricard we were bursting at the seams with budding Crocheters! We are now taking bookings for our Autumn/Winter classes.

What do you need? A crochet hook, some wool and a bit of inspiration to get you started. You can get all these things at Sweet Seams, so have a look on the website, or better still come in and see us. We also have a drop in Knit/Crochet and Natter on Thursday afternoons 1pm to 3pm if you want company and a cuppa!