When it comes to giving a gift—nothing can top a handmade crafted item. These items will have been made with a degree of love, care, and genuine inspiration that simply can not be replicated by anything you will find in a store. This is especially true when it comes to the handcrafted items offered here at Sweet Seams.

All of the handmade crafted bags and toy animals we make here at Sweet Seams come courtesy of a passion and skill that really shines through in the quality of the finished product. That’s because all of the items you can find here on our website are made by our very own founder Sue Rawcliffe. Sue has always had a lifelong passion for sewing, something she inherited from her mother—a dressmaker. This passion eventually turned into a profession after taking formal dressmaking classes and enrolling at Richmond College.

Our amazing handcrafted items include :

  • ● A handmade cotton shoulder bag that is as practical as it is chic!
  • ● An exceptionally cute, and useful! Elephant doorstop that can lend any room a much- needed jolt of personality
  • ● Felt decoration kits, ideal for those looking for fun activities to do with young children

Browse our page below and find the perfect gift for someone you know—or even yourself! In the fine collection of handcrafted items we have on offer.


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